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Gastfreundschaft zwischen Hegau und Bodensee


Leisure Hints

The following list may give you a few hints how to spend your leisure time at leisure during your stay in this area:

  • Mountains of the Hegau with the Hohentwiel: a visit to the ruins of the Hohentwiel Castle and the highest vineyards of Germany
  • The Aach Springs with the Donau Springs
  • The island of Mainau with the beautiful flowers
  • Lake Constanze
  • A visit to the Carneval museum of carneval at the Langenstein Castle
  • Museum-railway Blumberg
  • Trip to "Stein am Rhein" (Switzerland) walking through the old parts of the town
  • Trip to "Schaffhausen" (Switzerland) and a visit to the waterfalls
  • The island of Reichenau with the fresh vegetables and a visit to the churches
  • Untersee with the Höri
  • Half-Island of Mettnau
  • A visit to the baroque church of Birnau
  • Trip to "Salem" walking through the "mountains of the monkeys" (Affenberg)
  • A visit of the pile dwelling at Unteruhldingen
  • Guided tours through the nature reserve of Wollmatinger Ried, Marienschlucht or   Bodanrück
  • Romantic boat trips on our Lake Constance or the Hochrhein
  • Singen: Cinemas, discotheques, bars, art and culture
  • US bowling at the FAZZ building in Singen
  • Golf at Langenrain, Überlingen or at the Countryclub Schloß Langenstein
  • Tennis or squash at the Sport-/ Racketcenter in Rielasingen or Singen
  • Visit the theater "Kunsthalle" or the "Färbe" in Singen
  • Drive a kart at the kart track in Singen
  • Museums: Visit the Art-Museum, the museum of the Hegau, or the museum of the   townsfolks and farmers in Singen
  • Visit to Konstanz: Sealife Center; Casino, Konzil, archaelogical museum of the   Land, Rosgartenmuseum,   Museum of Lake Constance
  • Visit to Meersburg: castle, old town and the wine growing estate
  • Visit to Friedrichshafen: Museum of the Zeppelin, old town
  • A trip to one of those resorts at the sea during the summer times
  • Sailing, surfing, diving, water skiing or canoeing on the lake
  • A trip with a Hot-air balloon
  • Biking to Lake Constance: Maps of the regional biking routes with hints for    good restaurants available for our guests free of cost. Wide net of biking routes   are available to comfortable as well to sporty bikers    Be invited to use our private beach at Lake Constance free of charge which is 10   kilometer away from our hotel or use our sauna or fitness center.
  • Relax at the indoor swimming pool at Singen, the spa at Konstanz or Bad   Dürrheim, the "Alpamare" at Zürich or the Säntisparkes-spa at St.Gallen
  • A trip to the castle of Arenenberg (Switzerland) and a visit to the Napoleon Museum.
  • Hiking and mountain climbing - exact guiding information is available at the   reception
  • Trip to the Appenzeller Land (Switzerland) and a vist to a cheese-dairy
  • And destinations near Switzerland and Austria

Additionally during winter:

  • Skiing at the Saentis or other Skiing areas: Several sledge tracks, winter sport   opportunities   If snow has fallen, there are sleigh plenty rides available
  • Ice skating at skating ring in Schaffhausen or Kreuzlingen (or well frozen lake in the surrounding areas)