Hotel – Restaurant Krone Rielasingen
Gastfreundschaft zwischen Hegau und Bodensee

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Hotel Krone before 1899

We, at the Hotel "Krone," are proud to look back at 200 years of tradition serving as a restaurant. It has been maintained and managed by the past generations of our family for more than 90 years.

The long history of the "Krone" started in 1330, as the building was first mentioned as a Feoff of the monastery of St. Georgen / Stein am Rhein.

1345 - 1834 Feoff court
1345 - 1597 Monastery St. Georgen / Stein
1597 - 1803 Monastery Peterhausen
1803 - 1834 Froem the Earl of Baden

Since 1834 free property

1807 - 1854 Restaurant

Since 1854 Restaurant "Krone"


Hotel since 1899     

It has been property of our family since 1929, when Friedrich Gnädinger, in those days mayor of the community of Rielasingen, bought the restaurant in the year 1929.     

From 1929 until 1969 it was maintained and managed by his son, Artur Gnädinger.        

On 1 October 1969, Artur Gnädinger handed over the company to his son Albert Gnädinger.     

Hannelore and Albert Gnaedinger ran this family-owned 25 bed hotel until 1 October 2006 before handing over the leadership and ownership roll into its fourth generation.   

Andreas and his wife Christina Gnädinger are following in the footsteps of his parents and continue to manage the successful family business.   

The elegant charm of the Hotel "Krone" has carried the "Comfort" grade for years and has been honoured by the GFT (partner of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association) with 3-Stars.

Not even a year has passed and the "Krone" has been honoured with another prized award. Since 1 July 2007, the Hotel "Krone" has been added to the list of Germany's Top 500. This distinction is awarded to the best 500 Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts and is based upon the ratings of multiple anonymous hotel testers.

Since October 1st, 2008 our house is listed in "historical guesthouses of Baden". You can find some further interasting historical informations around our hotel on this site.

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